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Ever wondered what it is like to be a mad scientist and have your very own workstation to create new and untested formulas? Well, now you can do in The Spin Lab slot. The only recipe you want conger up is the winning one! Let the chemist inside take over as you spin the reels and look to dissect this video slot. You may unearth the secrets to a big win! Success and science go hand in hand, so the slot game is a perfect idea!

The online slot will put you in the shoes of someone trying to test together different chemicals to get the right balance and create something special. There are certainly lots of special combinations on the reels which can land players many big wins. NextGen is the masterminds behind this incredible, yet very complicated looking slot. When it comes to this slot game, you are the mastermind behind the winning formula. Enjoy the buzz of combining the elements because you don’t need to know anything about chemistry to make your mark in this game.

Wild Symbol

There are some classic symbols in The Spin Lab slot game which will help you create more combinations, without throwing together molecules and atoms. The wild symbol will be the link in the chain to create chemical reactions and will substitute for all other symbols in the game, except the scatter. It will increase your chances of winning bigger, more lucrative combinations.

Scatter Symbol

The reels have various science-themed symbols, from atoms to molecules to DNA particles. All of the symbols serve a purpose, and some are more critical to the whole process than others. Look out for the highly charged scatter symbol, which will help your chances of winning. The scatter symbol will activate a bonus payout and a bonus feature when it appears on the reels. It can payout from any position and will also be a larger payout than usual. Players may end up winning up to 625x their bet!

Bonus Feature

One of the main reasons that The Spin Lab slot game has become a hotspot for wannabe scientists is the unique and exciting bonus feature. It can activate by finding 3 scatter symbols. Once you have found the three symbols, this is when the scientist will come out. You must combine different elements to create your bonus feature. There are three rows of bonuses, and you must choose one from each row. There are many different elements you can include in your bonus package, such as 5 EXTRA SPINS (on top of original 5), increased wilds, wild multipliers, both ways pays, stacked wilds and more!

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