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Monopoly Big Spin is an entertaining take on the board game, Monopoly, and it’s designed by Shufflemaster.

Although Monopoly has inspired a raft of online slots, the Monopoly Big Spin slot game is more closely related to the popular table game, roulette.

You can play it with bets of 10p to £70 and as well as winning free spins and cash prizes through the bonus wheel, you could also get to take home one of three progressive jackpots.

You’ll instantly notice that Monopoly Big Spin doesn’t use any reels or paylines. Instead, it looks rather like a roulette table with a betting area running across the bottom of the screen.

Near the top of the playing area, you’ll see the Wheel which contains several tiers and slowly rotates between spins. Mr Monopoly sits in its centre, and the segments within the tiers include the property colours (such as yellow, pink, brown, blue, red, orange, and green), Utilities, Community Chest, Free Park, Chance, and Railroads.

The controls run from left-to-right along the bottom of the screen, and it’s in this area that you can view the rules/paytable, decide how much you wish to stake, and spin the Wheel.

The betting area also shows you how much each segment is worth.

The Monopoly Big Spin slot also features 3 progressive jackpots whose values are listed down the left-hand side.

To start playing Monopoly Big Spin, you must pick a chip value then select a zone or colour from the betting area to place it on. You can make several bets, as well as repeat bets, and if you change your mind, you can use the Undo button to clear all bets.

In the base game, you receive fixed amounts according to the paytable for landing on a set of utilities or a property. For example, Blue pays 25 to 1 and Railroads pay 12 to 1.

Wild Symbol

Because the Monopoly Big Spin slot is inspired more by the game of roulette than online slots, Shufflemaster hasn’t included a wild symbol.

Scatter Symbol

Shufflemaster’s Monopoly Big Spin slot game does not come with a scatter symbol as bonuses such as free spins are awarded by the Wheel.

Bonus Features

You can unlock the Free Spins Feature of the Monopoly Big Spin slot by placing a successful bet on GO or Free Parking as well as gain multipliers on the standard cash prizes. When the Feature is active, you can earn extra spins on the Bonus Wheel by landing again on Free Parking or GO.

Bonus Wheel Spins can be won through Chance and Community Chest too.

The Mega Drop Jackpots are a big highlight of Monopoly Big Spin, and you could be lucky enough to be awarded one on any given spin. However, the higher your bet, the more likely is it that you’ll win one.

The Minor Jackpot must pay out before it reaches £1,500 while the Major and Epic Jackpots must payout before they reach £5,000 and £15,000 respectively.

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