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When we think of unicorns, we tend to think of rainbows and grassy meadows in a colourful and wonderful kingdom. As these are fairy-tale creatures, you’d be forgiven for being excited to enter Ponyland. However, Ponyland has had a makeover. In this Genesis slot, you’ll find a Machine Gun Unicorn galloping around the green hills. The need for a unicorn that has a machine gun attached to its head becomes apparent when you see the zombies infesting the colourful land. Watch out and don’t let them attack you! The slot game is one of the most interesting and unique games available, purely because of the theme. When you see a game called the Machine Gun Unicorn slot, it’s hard to ignore. This game brings together all sorts of things you’d never expect to see in one place, from unicorns to zombies to machine guns. Fear not, though, you will be in no danger at all. The only thing that you will be exposed to in this slot game is the killer jackpots.

Wild Symbol

There is an army of unicorns in the slot. Each is equipped with a weapon, as they try to fend off the zombies who have breached the reels and are working to spread their evil all over the kingdom. The Machine Gun Unicorn will restore safety to the land as it will act as the wild symbol when it appears, substituting for all other symbols in the slot! It will only ever appear on reels 3.

Scatter Symbol

There is no scatter symbol within this slot, but don’t worry because there are other bonus features that you can enjoy!

Bonus Feature

In your quest to fight your way through the zombies and liberate a huge win, you’ll find some cool tools at your disposal. There are only 10 paylines in the slot, which at first glance does seem a little modest. However, there is also a both ways to win system in place. It significantly boosts your chances of finding a win. The symbol combinations may appear from left to right or right to left.

The hero that Ponyland needs will be the star of the slot. You’ll know it by its golden hair. However, the big giveaway will probably be the machine gun attached to its head. If you manage to land the machine gun unicorn on the reels at the same time as the zombies infiltrate the reels, then you’re in luck. It will destroy them and present you with a cash prize in the process. On top of this bonus prize, every time that the reels of the slot game are spun, and no zombies appear, another bonus prize will be awarded to players. So don’t be put off by the zombies, they could be the key to logging a top payout. Save Ponyland and boost your win in one fail swoop!

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