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Slot players can get bored of seeing the same old setup in games from time to time. It’s nice when a developer tries to create a game that offers something slightly different to keep players interested. We have recently encountered Jackpot 3X3 slot game by 1X2 Gaming, so forget everything you know about online slot games as this three reel does things a little differently. It’s bright, colourful and well worth trying out. We had loads of fun playing, but it does take some time to get used to its setup, so we thought we would write a small review so that you can learn how to play with minimum fuss.

Jackpot 3X3 is a three slot with nine sets of reels and one payline per set. The design of the slot game is colourful but keeps it simple at the same time. The sound effects are pleasant enough, but some players will be reaching for the mute button sooner than others. The symbols are a range of geometric shapes with different colours and styles so for example; we have a purple star, red square, pink hexagon and a green pentagon.

The video slot game interface is straightforward to use with every button function defined at the bottom. You will have no issues placing deposits and setting up betting options. We will discuss all the functions in greater detail below, but in general, this is an excellent alternative from 1X2 Gaming to the standard slot experience. The only downside is that you won’t find any wilds, scatter or bonus rounds in the Jackpot 3X3 slot.

Firstly, you have to place your bet, and you can bet from just a penny all the way up to a massive £450! Click place the bet and all nine of the reels that are displayed will start to spin. If you match three symbols on a reel, then you win, and you can win more than once per reel which is nice. However, there may not be enough profit to cover the total stake so bear this in mind when selecting how much you would like to bet.

You can click the grid pattern to turn off any reels that you don’t want to play, so there is that flexibility present in the slot game. Essentially, all symbols are just numbers, and if you land three corresponding numbers, then you will win a prize based on the number value and the multiplier displayed. It sounds a bit silly, but it’s all to do with providing a slot game that is fuss-free and simple to play. The number that lands on the reel will be your prize if you land it.

Wild Symbol

There is no wild symbol in this game.

Scatter Symbol

The same applies for the scatter symbol.

Bonus Feature

Unfortunately, there aren’t any bonus rounds on Jackpot 3X3 video slot which may disappoint some players but this is due to the way the game is structured, and there is no requirement for any bonus symbols (wild, scatter, etc.). Instead, the game focuses on picking up wins from matching symbols on the reels.

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