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Sometimes it is a good idea to take a step back from spinning the reels and try something a little different. What we have here on Mad About Slots is Germinator slot by Microgaming, that is more of an arcade style game. If you have ever played Tetris, then you will feel right at home playing this, and it is lots of fun once you get up and running. The mobile slot is highly addictive so be sure to allocate yourself a budget before playing. As this is not a slot, we will explain fully how to play the game as well as the bonus feature that you may encounter.

Players should begin their adventure by examining the interface, and there are some things to look out for in this game. Players can gamble from 60p and up to a maximum of £24, so if you are looking to bet big then this game may not be for you. However, big jackpots can be won, and the Germinator slot offers a six payline structure for players to enjoy.

A lot of players will be drawn to the game on design alone, and it looks fantastic with a purple background. The game interface is 6X6 in structure, and there are various colourful germs to look out for. Each is worth a different value, and you will find the controls displayed at the base of the game. The sounds effects are ok although you can turn them off if you wish.

The game’s aim is to make lines of 3 or more matching germs either vertically or horizontally. Each match is worth a prize depending on which colour of germ that you land. Your matching germs will then disintegrate leaving space for more to fall into place and hopefully form more wins. There are only five different germs, so matches are pretty frequent which is great.

Wild Symbol

There is no wild symbol in this game because it is not a traditional slot game.

Scatter Symbol

The same goes for the scatter symbol, but don’t worry as there is some great out of the ordinary bonus features for you to use.

Bonus Feature

There is a cool bonus game to enjoy in the Germinator game, and the key to triggering it is the little Medi-Bonus capsules that appear from time to time. They are attached to random germs so look out for them. You have to land 3 of them at once to activate it, and you’ll then get the chance to select one germ and remove all of him from the screen which leaves lots of spaces for more to fall in place. It offers a high probability of a big win which is great.

The bonus round in the video slot requires a certain amount of thought, and you have to think about which colour of gem to eliminate. Try and choose the one that will leave you with the most chances of a big win. Overall, though, try to remove the lower-value symbols to give yourself the best chance of accumulating higher-value ones.

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