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When we first click on Microgaming’s Cash Clams slot, it is not immediately clear what the game’s theme is. We guessed that the key is in the name as the main character is a bright green clam. There is also a red crab lurking on the reels, however other than it seems like it’s similar to other typical Microgaming slots. The game immediately reminds us of a standard fruit machine. However, the game itself looks like it could be a blast!

The Cash Clams mobile slot displays a money theme with some classic casino style, fruit machine imagery. The slot itself offers 3 reels and just the 1 payline. Staking options aren’t too outrageous with the minimum bet being 25p and the maximum bet being £10. These betting options are pretty standard for this type of game. There is also a free play option so that players can have a go on the game first to see if it is to their liking.

While some of our mobile casino users may find the slot a bit generic regarding its design and appearance, it is not without its charm. There is a bold assortment of colours which makes for quite a striking design. Many players will think of a fruit machine in a bar or casino when they play this game. All of the symbols on the reels are recognisable with clams, crabs, bars and the classic number 7 helping to provide an authentic slot playing experience.

The slot game has some bonus features to enhance the gameplay as outlined below.

Wild Symbol

The wild spin feature on the Cash Clams slot is the green clam character itself. This feature results in a wild multiplier which means that if you have a winning combination with the wild symbol included, your pay-out will be doubled. The wild symbol replaces all symbols on the reel so keep an eye out as this is how you increase your payouts.

Scatter Symbol

There are no free spins available, perhaps due to the one pay-line structure of the game. There are no scatter symbols either so overall the game does lack features and content when compared to some other Microgaming instalments. However, the simple nature of the game will undoubtedly apply to certain types of player.

Bonus Feature

The two coin feature in the Cash Clams online slot game is simple enough and acts as a mechanic to allow more experienced plays to speed up their gaming experience. To activate simply click bet max. Essentially this function will enable you to double your normal stake so use with caution. The game does not have an auto-play function.

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