Adventure Palace

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ReelsPaylinesMin BetMax BetProgressive JPRTP
590.09p£45No96% - 97%

During the Adventure Palace slot, you’ll experience a dense jungle, and it seems like a dangerous place, although deep in the jungle there’s a treasure trove. Move quickly through the long grass and tall trees as you look to locate the Adventure Palace that is situated in the heart of the forest. You will get close to some of the most incredible animals on the planet as you experience the jungle like never before.

Usually, when it comes to scouring the jungle for treasure, it is only the brave and mighty that are up for such a challenge. But if you feel like you are capable of taking on such a task, then this slot will be right for you. This fascinating journey through one of the most daunting locations on Earth will allow you to experience new things and see elements of the world you never thought you would. This slot game may be one of the older Microgaming slots, but the fun and excitement have never been lost.

The rules of the Adventure Palace mobile slot are straightforward, and players can enjoy the jungle experience easily, as the game itself is much uncomplicated to understand. As you venture through the trees, you will see the treasures and fortunes in the game begin to reveal themselves with every spin you make. The slot machine has a typical online setup, with five reels of symbols. Players must find matching symbols on adjacent reels to earn prizes, and the symbol combinations must line up against 1 of the nine paylines in the game.

Wild Symbol

The theme of the slot is bursting out of the reels, as players will see the jungle feeling with every symbol that appears in the game. Players will get the chance to see some exotic animals and some of the rarest creatures in the jungle, such as tigers, birds and snakes. Make sure you look out for the elephant symbol, though, as the big animal will play a big part in the game, acting as the wild symbol. The wild symbol can stand in for any other symbol except the scatter below, so watch out for a herd of elephants.

Scatter Symbol

Look out for the Adventure Palace mobile slot’s symbol appearing on the reels, as this will be the scatter emblem and will be the trigger for the free spins feature. Players will earn 15 free spins when 3 Scatter symbols appear on the reels, and during the feature, all prizes will be enhanced. They will strengthen by x3 to be exact, and there will be some valuable treasures found on your journey through the jungle.

Bonus Feature

There is no other bonus feature within this game, unfortunately.

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