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Could you imagine a better feeling than zooming down Route 66 on the open road with the wind whipping through your hair? Well, there is a better feeling – winning big prizes on the 5 Reel Drive slot as you experience life on the open road. Ride alongside some of the most respected road travellers in the country and drop in from town to town on the way. This Microgaming slot will take you on an adventure like no other as you live on nothing but fast food and adrenaline when you play this slot game.

There is no risk of it burning out or the wheels falling off this slot game because players are more than happy to live the adventure the video slot provides. As you finally race down the open road, you will notice the colours and the scenery this game brings, even though it is of the older generation of slot games. Players who appreciate classic slots will love the 5 Reel drive slot game, be ready to put your foot down and race towards the jackpot prizes that are on offer.

As you pedal towards the medal in this super wild greased-up slot game, you will be accompanied by some real road warriors, but the slot itself is indeed not hard to understand or play. Players will see five reels full of theme related symbols and the objective is to spin them and land matching symbols on adjacent reels. The symbols must line up against 1 of the nine paylines and players’ payouts will depend on the size of wagers placed per spin, which can be anything up to £90.

Wild Symbol

As the roads seem to get even longer, some special symbols are appearing on the reels. This will make this a memorable road trip and prolong your experience of the 5 Reel Drive online slot. The symbols in the game are covered by different elements of the adventure, from fellow road lovers to various fast foods. The road sign symbol will point you in the right direction and will also act as the wild symbol, with the ability to substitute for almost all other symbols in the game, to increase your chances of winning.

Scatter Symbol

Lastly, the worst scenario for road lovers in the 5 Reel Drive slot game is having their journeys tainted by the policeman as they chase you down the highway. Although it is inevitable that they will turn up sooner or later, players will be pleased to see the police car appear on the reels, as it will act as the scatter symbol for the game. With just as much power as the law itself, the slot’s scatter symbol will payout from any position in the game and all wins will be multiplied by total stake and not just line bets like regular wins!

Bonus Feature

There are no other bonus features within this slot.

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