The Codfather Scratch Card

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There is certainly some fishy business going on at the bottom of the sea, and the Codfather needs your help to organise his mob in the ocean. It’s now your task to help the Don and ensure everything goes swimmingly. There is no doubt that there are some huge perks to working in his crew. The Codfather scratch card game is one of those perks and players could win big prizes by playing in his game. If you are a player who is used to online slots, in particular, NextGen games, then you will know all about the Codfather slot game. It was and still is, a hugely popular game. This can be mainly attributed to its strange but humorous theme. Players loved the gangster-fish styled game, and the Codfather became a huge hit amongst almost every slot lover. Which means it was inevitable it would come back. This time, it is here in the form of a scratchcard game and players can enjoy the mobster lifestyle under the sea with no difficulties or complications. Scratch card games are super easy to play, as you’ll soon find out in The Codfather scratch card!

How to Play

As NextGen started producing quality slot games, the more popular ones have become scratchcard games. It is a testament to how well the Codfather scratch card game has been received on the market. The rules of the game are very straightforward and easy to understand. Players only need some credit and a bit of luck to win. On the game, players will see a picture of the Codfather and his money on nine panels. The objective is to scratch away each panel to reveal a symbol. Matching 3 of the same symbols will award a cash prize.

Betting and Payouts

The reason that online scratch cards have become so popular so quickly is the fact that they are so simple to play and so easy to win with. In the Codfather scratch card, players can win multiple prizes per game as there are nine panels. The size of your payouts will depend on a few factors. The more money that players take per card will increase the size of your potential prizes. Each combination on the Codfather scratch card is valued differently and will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Free Games

Each combination you get in the Codfather scratch card game will feel like a win. The lowest multiplier combination on the reels is 1x, meaning there is no chance you can lose if a winning combination appears from behind the panels. However, the most impressive combination of symbols which will appear in the Codfather scratch card is the free game’s combination. Players can earn five free games when three game logos appear. During the five free games, all prizes will be doubled, and there could be some massive fortunes won under the see in the Codfather’s area.

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