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Now and then a developer will release a game onto the market that strays away from the traditional slot reel structure and Red Card scratchcard game does just that. Sometimes it can get slightly boring playing the same type of game over and over again which is why developers such as Gamevy like to mix it up now and then. The company is well-versed in creating innovative games with big jackpots, and one of their latest creations caught our eye in particular, and it is a scratchcard style game called Red Card. The game offers the chance at a £100,000, and the return to the player is pretty high at just over 91%. If you are a fan of football, then the Red Card scratchcard game will certainly appeal with a football and lottery hybrid structure. Red Card scratchcard game is straightforward once you get up and running and is loads of fun. There are no reels or wild symbols in this game, and the graphics are kind of cool with a football field background and loads of footballs to pick from. The Red Card game aims to click on the footballs and try to avoid the red cards hidden within. When you click on a football, it either contains a silver trophy or a red card. Once you pick up six trophies in a row, then you double your money based on your original bet. Easy!

How to Play

In total, there are 43 winning trophies and just six red cards, so this gives you an idea of how the return to player works. Mostly, the game gets riskier as you progress and as soon as you display a red card, your game will end. You can cash out after revealing six trophies, or you can continue to play to try and win the jackpot. The jackpot can only be won once, and you have to reveal all 43 trophies in a row, so it is up to you when you decide to cash out as the game gets riskier the longer you play.

Average Payout

Red Card scratchcard is based on chance, and the outcome of the game is not pre-determined. The player’s choices have meaning within the structure of the random number generator calculating odds of a given ball being bad or good. Thus the theoretical return to player is calculated on the notion that the players are likely to cash out or continue after each ball selection and this is calculated at 91%.


Sometimes during the Red Card game, the jackpot may become capped at a specific amount. It will be displayed under the jackpot tab, and after you select the maximum number of balls up to the selected capped amount, the Red Card will automatically finish and award you with the win that is displayed. It will be displayed to you, and it is about weighing up the risk of choosing to continue or cash out. It is entirely up to the player and how they like to play the game.

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