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Now and then we will get the chance to play a unique game. This latest instalment from Microgaming and Skillz Gaming is a combined venture which fits the bill perfectly. The Mega Money Rush isn’t technically an online slot as it has no traditional reels, rows or paylines. It is quite a revolutionary enterprise from both developers. We can see it being a popular choice for those gamers looking to play something different but still win some big jackpots. We have managed to play the game in its entirety and have detailed our thoughts below. This game scraps the traditional slot setup, so there are no reels or paylines. Straight away the player may feel a bit of nostalgia. The Mega Money Rush has a definite feel of a racing game from the NES or Sega Mega Drive eras with its classic arcade music and graphics. The gambling and slot elements come into play when we examine the game’s spin wheel, which forms the primary component of the gameplay. This is the base game interface, and this is how you operate the game’s features which include experience points, power-ups and surprise bonuses but more on those later.

Visual Presentation

Aesthetically, Mega Money Rush will remind you of a classic arcade game. Microgaming has described the game as a slot and arcade hybrid, so it will certainly appeal to many types of players. It may even appeal to those who are more traditionally drawn to video games, to have a go on a slot. It is a racing game with a goal, and that goal is to collect coins during your race. Once you have completed the race, you spin the wheel to reveal the bonuses that you have won or accumulated before beginning the next round. The Mega Money Rush game has been designed to work well on mobile devices. Therefore, you’ll be able to use your iPhone or Android device to have a go at the game at our mobile casino.

Surprise Bonuses

The game offers what’s known as surprise bonuses which trigger when you spin the wheel, and these vary in what they offer the player such as multipliers or extra coins. These also link with the race and in general usually just result in win values being enhanced.

Experience Points

These are a prominent feature within the Mega Money Rush game and a key component to increasing your level. Basically, the higher the level you achieve, the more money you can win. As a result of this, the potential bonuses that are offered after each respective are levelled up. Upon accessing higher levels, you’ll become privy to more valuable prizes. This will allow you to become a far better racer, sweeping up bigger rewards as you go. As the arcade game is so unique, we don’t have anything to compare it to. However we have plenty of other Microgaming creations to talk about, if you love this game, you may enjoy Microgaming’s Tomb Raider slot, as this is also based on a popular video game.

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