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If you are an online casino player, the chances are that you will have tried a few games such as slots or blackjack. Keno is slightly less common but still a great game to play that you can win big on. This version of Keno has been developed by Microgaming and resembles the type of game that you may find in a physical casino. This is a numbers game, and it may suit players that enjoy bingo as there are subtle similarities. What we love about the Keno online game is that it is simple enough for the beginner player to pick up and play. Also, it’s effortless to pick up a win.

The design of the Keno game is pretty simple with a blue squared playing board that has plenty of numbers to choose from. The pay table is displayed on the left-hand side of the interface, and it is numbered from 1-15 with a hits column and also a payout column. Additionally, players can view a number of options on the right-hand side of the screen also. The sound effects in Keno are pleasant enough although you can turn them off if needs be. We like the setup of the interface overall and players will have no issues getting used to it.

You can play Keno with either free demo credits or real cash. The free online Keno game will suit players looking to play for fun but as we all know, the real excitement lies with gambling for real money, so if you want to turn it up a notch you can begin betting from just £1. The maximum stake on the Keno game is £10, so there is a range of bets that can be placed. The return to the player is also really high, so you will win if you play it for long enough.

How to Play

Online Keno has become a top choice for many people due to its lottery-style structure. The game is played on a board with a total of 80 numbers arranged on a 10X8 board. With any cash wager, you can select up to 15 numbers at a time. Once you have selected your bet, you can begin to pick numbers, and the game will then start. 20 balls will be drawn at random and players will win based on how many balls they have selected and whether they match the numbers that are drawn. The paytable in the Keno video game will help you understand how much you will win based on the numbers that you have chosen.

Additional Features

Keno is one of simplest casino games to play on the web. As such, there aren’t too many bonus features within the game due to its simple structure. As a result, it’s the perfect game for the casino novice due to its simplicity.

Winning the Jackpot

As we mentioned above, you can pick up to 15 numbers per game. The key to the £10,000 jackpot is to bet £10 and select 15 numbers. If you manage to draw 15 correct numbers when playing Keno, then this will allow you to win the maximum jackpot.

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