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Gems Odyssey is an instant win game by Skillzz Gaming that’s brought to you by Microgaming’s Quickfire platform. As you fly through the universe exploring the deepest corners of outer space, you’ll get to collect precious gems which can deliver wins of up to one thousand times your bet. The Nebula Stone is the ultimate prize in the five-by-five-row Gems Odyssey instant win, and the rules are incredibly simple as all you need to do is find three matching gemstones.

Gems Odyssey also comes with a level-up system that allows you to exchange your Nebula Stones for cash, and the Second Chance Feature can be randomly awarded on a non-winning game.

Interestingly, the creators of this innovative instant win (N.B., Skillzz Gaming) have included an AI (Artificial Intelligence) mode that you can choose to use if you want the game to automatically pick which symbols to remove from the grid rather than doing it yourself.


The Gems Odyssey instant win game uses a five-by-five grid of symbols, and you can win cash prizes by filling gem bars with seven gems. You can also fill bars by blasting clusters of gems.

To start playing Gems Odyssey, you must first pick your preferred bet amount using the arrows at the bottom-left of the screen (N.B., you can play with between 60p and £100 per game). If you wish to select which symbols to blast yourself, use the “Man” (Manual) option under “Game Mode” or, if you’d rather the Gems Odyssey instant win automatically blasts symbols, pick the “AI” option.

When you’re ready to go, click the “Play” button in the centre of the screen. When the grid loads, you’ll see five columns with five rows of symbols. The symbols can include the six gemstones (which, in order of least valuable to most valuable are red, blue, yellow, purple, green, and orange), four Nebula Stones (blue, blue-and-orange, blue-and-pink, and the three-pronged blue-and-gold stone), and a Jackpot symbol.

Bonus Round

The Gems Odyssey instant win allows you to blast clusters of three or more matching symbols to fill the corresponding gem’s meter at the top of the screen. You need to collect seven identical gems to fill a bar.

If you blast a cluster of Jackpot symbols, you’re awarded one thousand times your bet.

Blasting clusters of Nebula Stones adds the stones to your inventory. Common Stones are worth between 0.7x and 2x your bet; Rare Stones are worth 3x to 6x your bet; Epic Stones are worth 10x to 20x your bet, and Mythical Stones are worth 50x to 100x your bet.

Each symbol that you blast is worth one point, and as you collect more points, you will Level Up. Every time that you reach a new level, you have the option to exchange your Nebula Stones for cash rewards.

If luck isn’t on your side and you experience a non-winning streak, there’s the possibility of the Second Chance Feature being randomly awarded, which gives you one free game.

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