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There are so many games to chose from in the world of online casinos, Epic Gems is a new style of game for you to try. Most games on these online casinos fall into the category of either online slots, roulette, poker, instant games or even blackjack. However, this is not the case with the Epic Gems scratch card as there is no reels or cards of any sort in this game. Gamevy, who are London-based developers developed the game, however, they are the developers of games that stand out as just that bit different from the norm. When you load up the Epic Gems scratch card game, you will be greeted with a screen with the basic rules of how to play and the option to select your stake at the side. Once selected you will start to select gems, which is essentially going to reveal prizes when you choose the gems in the correct order. As you select, you will have some space sci-fi sound effects playing in the background, and after each selection, you will see your gem fly into a vortex where it will swirl around to tell you what you are awarded.

How to Play

The game is an adaption on the traditional instant games which we have seen throughout the years. To start off players will be asked to select their stake, which can be as little as £1, but up to a maximum stake of £10. The game then starts, and you will be asked to select gems, which after swirling around the vortex, will reveal a cash value. After each selection, it will be up to you to cash out for the amount shown or continue. You need to be careful, however, because if you select one of the four mine gems, which will destroy all gems, you will lose your stake and any accumulated money. However, if you keep going and continue to avoid the mine gems, you will win double your stake once you have selected seven consecutive gems.

Betting and Payouts

Before starting the Epic Gems scratch card, players will be asked to select their stake. This stake as mentioned earlier can be as little as £1, but a maximum of £10. The stake becomes your bet for your full selection of gems in any one shot, and the more you bet, the more you are potentially able to win. The top payout for one shot of the game is £20, and this will occur when you select seven consecutive gems without hitting a mine gem when your stake is £10. However, you do not need to collect seven gems to win on the Epic Gems scratch card, each non-mine gem selected will award a random cash prize amount to your total, which you can choose to collect at any time during a shot. If you like this scratch card game, then you’ll love the Boss The Lotto, Mega Money Rush and Nerves of Steal.

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