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n/an/a1 credit200 creditsNo99-100%

Have you been searching for a way to get the sin city vibe without having to travel all the way to the Nevada desert? Then we may just have a solution for you. The name of the solution? Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold. This casino game by Microgaming brings the opulence of Las Vegas to the web. Here you can play premium games of blackjack, no matter where you are! Experience the hype of sin city blackjack from the comfort of your own home! You may remember a previous instalment of this game, called Vegas Strip Blackjack. Well, the game has had a makeover and now boasts a few new features. For those of you looking for a simple blackjack game, you’ve hit the jackpot with this one.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold has some fantastic design features. However, the rules are pretty standard. You won’t find any fancy side bets or ridiculous rules here. This game is a hole card game, meaning that one of the dealer’s cards will be dealt face down. The dealer peeks for blackjack when an ace card and a ten is dealt. While in other games, the dealer may be required to hit on a soft 17, this is not the case in this online game. The dealer will stand on all 17 here. For any newbies, blackjack is when a player holds both an ace and a ten on their initial cards. It is only when this occurs that the blackjack payout will be granted.


In Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, players will only be given the option to split when they receive two cards of the same value. If you choose to split, then a bet equal to your previous bet will be placed on that hand. You split up to 3 times, giving a total of 4 hands. However, you can only split aces once. If you land a ten on a hand with a split ace, this does not constitute blackjack.

Double Down

Players are given a chance to double down on their first bet or after a split. To double down means to bet that your hand will beat the dealer’s hand with just one more card drown. If you choose to double down, your normal bet amount will be added to your current total. After you double down in the Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold online game, you’ll receive one card, and then your hand automatically stands.


Insurance is available in this game. Insurance is when you bet against the possibility that the dealer will make blackjack. It is used when the dealer’s first card is an Ace. If you choose to place an insurance side bet, it will cost half of your regular bet. The option to surrender is not available on the Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold. Why not try out Live Multi-Player Blackjack? Also available at

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