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Microgaming has been sprucing up many of their favourite casino games, and we love what they’ve done with this one! Many of you may already be familiar with the Triple Pocket Hold’em game. Now, it’s back in Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold with some fantastic new graphics, making the game more interactive than ever before. Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold series is played on an elegant green table, giving you that luxurious casino vibe. The main difference between this game and its predecessor is in the graphics. The overall look of the game is far sleeker and truer to life. Now, you’re even able to pick up your chips and throw them on the table – just as you would in a land-based game! Bet with as little as £1 or as much as £200 per hand, depending on your budget.

Once you’ve chosen your bet, it’s time to hit the deal button. You’ll be dealt two cards. You then have a choice, hold‘em or pass them to the dealer. If you choose to deal again, then you’ll be faced with the same option. Pass them on, and they’ll go to the 2nd dealer place. The third hand then must be kept. When you’ve settled on your chosen set of cards, the dealer will then deal another four cards. Upon revealing these cards, the most competitive hand will win. The good news is, you don’t need to have expert poker knowledge to play this. If you’re new to the world of table games, then this is an excellent place to start. There is no real need for strategy in the Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold series casino game as your decision-making scope is limited. Your only task is to decide which hands to keep or whether to pass it in.

Payout Odds

In the game the payout odds are as following:• Royal Flush – 50/1• Straight Flush – 20/1• Four of A Kind – 10/1• Full House – 4/1• Flush – 2/1

Hold-Em Variant

As a Texas Hold’em variant, this requires very little previous knowledge or player input. This is primarily because players are only asked to make one decision in the Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold series game, which cards to keep, then the hands are compared automatically. So, there is no need for in-depth knowledge of strategy. This variant differs from other Hold’em games, due to the additional dealer spot.

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold vs Land-based games

In land-based varieties of the game, you will be playing against the other players at your table. This online variant is a one-player game. Your objective in this is to secure a better hand than either of the two dealers. A greater level of knowledge and strategy would be required in a land-based arena. In the Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold online game, the software makes most of the decisions for you thus taking away the need for player expertise. For more casino game action why not check out Vegas Strip Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold?

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