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Roulette is one of the most exciting casino games on the planet, and if you are looking for a spin of the classic wheel from the comfort of your sofa, then we have indeed found the perfect game for you. With so many versions of online Roulette, it can be difficult to select the game that is right for you, but Premier Roulette by Microgaming offers a comprehensive experience of the classic game. Premier Roulette offers an entirely immersive Roulette experience with a variety of additional features. What we like about it is that it has plenty of customisable options to keep things interesting and so players can play the game the way they want to. You will experience the full atmosphere of the casino playing this game, and the sound effects are relaxing and enjoyable. Premier Roulette focuses on the European version of Roulette and has all the classic features that you would expect. The roulette game makes for an enjoyable gaming experience overall including call and neighbour bets as well as track features which comes in pretty handy. The betting options are diverse, and we had great fun playing it overall. Our primary advice would be to allocate a budget and stick to it as we found this installment to be quite addictive!

How to Play

For new players, playing Roulette may seem a bit of a daunting task as the game can appear confusing at first, but it is pretty simple to play once you get the hang of it. Premier Roulette involves the Roulette wheel which contains 36 pockets that are split into red and black numbers. A player can bet on some different variables which are highly customisable. For example, a player can bet simply on which colour of pocket the ball will land on. If you desire better odds, then you can increase the risk by betting on a particular number that you think the ball will land on. If you guess your variable correctly, then you will win a prize based on the odds you received at the time.


The payouts can be slightly tricky to define in a general sense as there are so many betting options available to the player. As a result, the pay table is your friend on this game as it can be the comprehensive guide you require to figure out what you will receive in return for landing certain bets. The odds vary massively so we will discuss a few of the more common bets to give players an idea as to what they can expect playing this game. In general, if you select a number then your odds will be 35:1 whereas betting on a colour will yield odds of 2:1.

Customisable Options

You can customise certain features to adjust Premier Roulette to your play style such as your favourite bets and how often you want to stake. Additionally, there is also a fantastic auto-play facility that will allow the software to play on your behalf. All you have to do is log into the expert mode to access it. If you enjoy Roulette games why not check out European Roulette, French Roulette or Premier Roulette Diamond Edition.

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