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If you’re the kind of player that loves excitement and thrills, then Double Bonus Poker is the Microgaming creation for you. This amazing casino game will have you feeling like you’re at one of the best tables in the world. It’s a bright and colourful game that will be sure to have you at the edge of your seat. Double Bonus Poker is a video poker game that is ideal for anyone that only has a few moments on their hands but wants to play some exciting casino games. The game loads up in no time at all, and you’ll be busy playing before you know it. The cards are set; all you need to do is dive in and get playing!

How to Play

The first step in this process is to establish your wager, which is done using the plus and minus buttons. It is pretty standard for most video poker games, so if you’ve played one then, you’ll know what to expect. There’s also a bet max button that you can use to change the stakes and make the maximum wager immediately. Then, when you’re ready to start the Double Bonus Poker action all you do is press deal, and the fun will begin!

Creating the Best Hand

Double Bonus Poker offers you the opportunity to hold certain cards that you think will be useful. You can compare your hand to the paytable to figure out which combinations are the highest value. Of course, the Royal Flush sits at the top of the table, so if you have these cards in your hand, you’ll want to make the most of them. You can also put together lower value combinations, which are easier and more frequently found. It is a Jacks or Better game, so anything above this combination will grant you a win. If you don’t want to get involved in the selection process, then you can always use the autoplay instead. It keeps you playing with the same bet, and the best options will already be in place. The autoplay in Double Bonus Poker uses mathematical probability to decide the best move, so it can be worth it to play for yourself and take some chances. These might not be the most mathematical decisions but taking a risk can bring you huge rewards, with a little luck on your side.

Doubling Up

You might be wondering what the Double Bonus part of this poker game’s name signifies. The bonus round in this game is open to any player with a win on their hands and a bit of grit. Anytime you win, you can choose to gamble it further in this game. In the bonus round, you’ll see a selection of five cards, each face down. Both you and the dealer will pick one card and the one with the highest number wins! If you win in this game, then your payout will immediately be doubled. For more casino game fun, be sure to check out Baccarat or European Roulette.

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