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ReelsPaylinesMin BetMax BetProgressive JPRTP
n/an/a0.01p£80No94% - 95%

Casino games are getting ever more popular and as a result, there are even more of them to play. When it comes to casino games, usually roulette is one of the first that springs to mind, and if you have a passion for table games, then this variation of Roulette will be right up your street. Who needs real life casinos when you can play all your favourites from the comfort of your own home, including American Roulette? The American Roulette game is not too dissimilar to the classic European Roulette game. The roulette game by Microgaming will almost feel like you are inside a casino, with the crystal clear graphics and amazing visuals that accompany a more than enjoyable casino game. If you think you have what it takes to find the biggest payout from this game, then you will certainly be impressed with how generous this game can be when the chips are down!

How to Play

For those of you who haven’t actually played Roulette before, then the rules are very straightforward, you probably don’t even need to glance at the manual. There is honestly not much to the American Roulette game, and as soon as you understand the concept of the game, the wheel will not stop spinning. Scan the board and place chips on different numbers, or spread your bets out over Inside and Outside Bets on the table. The dealer will then proceed to place the white ball in the wheel, and it will then stop on the winning number, you will then be informed if you have won!

Different Bets

The reason that the Roulette game and in particular the American Roulette game is so popular around the world is because of the various ways that players can bet and the many ways to win. In the game, there are 2 different styles of betting Inside Bets and Outside Bets. Inside Bets apply to the numbers on the table and players can place chips on single numbers or you can split your bets between 2 or 4 numbers. You can also place Outside Bets, with a different way to bet round the sides of the table, which will allow players to wager on different things such as colour, etc.


The difference between normal Roulette and American Roulette is that there are 2 different zero numbers; 0 and 00. Aside from that most of the payouts are the same and with so many ways to bet, means there are so many different ways to win. The highest payout is obviously for the least likely outcome, a single number bet. The lowest payout is for bets on Odd or Even or Red or Black, which is a 1:1 payout! For more Roulette fun, check out French Roulette.

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